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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Alpacas Mating

I thought you might enjoy this PG video of one of my alpacas, Brighton, visiting her boyfriend, Champion Canzelle's Mombasa. Alpacas are induced ovulators,like bunnies, which means they don't come into heat. The act of mating causes them to ovulate. The male alpaca makes a funny sound called "orgling' while mating. Alpacas are pregnant for about 11.5 months, so we're hoping for an 11/2012 baby. Baby alpacas are called cria & are one of the most adorable things on the planet!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Have a Magical Holiday Season!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Magical Alpacas!

We're featured in the 12/26/2011 issue of OK! Magazine. My two yearling alpacas, Latte & Cinnamon. Photo by the amazing Christopher Ameruoso.

Monday, July 18, 2011

My How They've Grown

Sally, Spot & Omelette explore outside on 7/18 while the kids swim! We can't let them out unsupervised: we've got hawks, owls & coyotes nearby...

Summer Chicks! June 4th!

Sally, Spot & Omelette

Farm Fresh Eggs!

This year in addition to fruits & vegetables, we're adding something new to our garden: chickens! Despite the fact that I love animals, I've always had a slight fear of birds. I think this can be traced back to some traumatic childhood experiences. Once while riding my bike, an enormous black crow swooped down & plucked hair from my head & knocked me to the ground. Also, as a young teen, I was chased daily by a pair of swans, who would follow & peck at me when I sailed past their nest. I've also had some negative experiences with angry geese & roosters. Surprisingly, when our local feed store mentioned that they had chicks for sale, with very little prodding from the kids, I quickly agreed. I learned a couple interesting facts: The reason you can get 1 day old chicks is because they don't nurse & are separated from the hens before they hatch. Also, they can determine the sex of a newborn chick with over 90% accuracy. This is important because many people want eggs only, not baby chicks & many neighborhoods don't allow roosters.
The chicks have been delightful, funny, friendly, EASY pets so far. We have seven: 2 Buff Orpingtons (Sally & Omelette), 1 Plymouth Barred Rock (Spot), 1 Black Sex-Link (Dot), 1 Americauna (Dot) & 2 Black Silkies- pictured above (Disco & Daiquiri). I'll fill you in on their personalities & more as we undertake our adventure in farm fresh eggs!!
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Farm Fresh Eggs!

This year in addition to growing fruits & vegetables, we've decided to add chickens, so we can have fresh free range eggs. To be perfectly candid, as much as I love animals, I have a slight fear of birds. I think this comes from several childhood incidents. Once a large crow swooped down & actually plucked hair from my head while I road my bike. I was also chased daily by swans when I was a young teen when I sailed by their nest.
But, when our local feed store was offering chicks for sale, with very little prompting from the kids, I very quickly agree. Much to my surprise, the chicks have turned out to be delightful, funny, easy pets! We have seven so far: 2 Buff Orpingtons (Sally & Omelette), 1 Plymouth Barred Rock (Spot), 1 Black Sex-Link (Dot), 1 Amer